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Horror Cornucopia is a Listing Directory for all boils and ghouls who are fanatics about the Horror genre.
If you are interested in sharing your Horror genre Events, related business details, along with your creations, that you can potentially sell…


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Horror Cornucopia’s Listing Directory offers an interactive Google Map with Searchable locations and categories so your horror genre related creations / business listing can be easily found by fiendish fiends and ghouls from all over the world.


For example, if you are a:

  • Volunteer / Performer – A Haunted Attraction / anyone can easily find you and offer you a performance opportunity
  • Make-up Artist – A Haunted Attraction / anyone can easily find you and offer you a job opportunity
  • Haunted Attraction – Visitors, Volunteers, Make-up Artists, Horror Fiends & Ghouls can easily find you
  • Events / Convention Organizer – Advertise your Event / Convention / Festival so that Visitors, Horror Fiends & Ghouls can easily find you


We’ll also be featuring local Haunted Attractions and Home Haunts in the New England area, along with upcoming Events and Conventions.

Hang in there, whilst we’re constructing the site to be the best “playground” for all boils and ghouls who are horror genre fanatics.

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2023 Events


Be sure to check our 2023 Events in New England and surrounds, related to the horror genre including local Home Haunts and Haunted Attractions.


We also plan to post “How To” videos here or on our YouTube channel. Guest are encouraged to add any tips, pointers, or secrets about any creations.


In time, we hope to have a MONSTEROUS website “dead”icated to horror.


Built by the fans, for the fans!


Thank you for visiting Horror Cornucopia.
Don’t be afraid to visit us again.

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Horror Cornucopia presents… Dee Snider

Horror Cornucopia presents... Dee Snider

Horror Cornucopia presents…

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